I want to thank Pam for helping me get healthy…


During the program I lost 12 pounds! My knees no longer hurt and my stomach is not bloated. Pam’s workouts are awesome. They were challenging in the beginning, but she encouraged me to go at my own pace, and now I am so much stronger. I have met some wonderful ladies and they have been a great support.

Pam taught and encouraged me to make a few changes to my nutrition that made all the difference. Changing my food habits took some time to get used to, but now I look forward to eating healthy, delicious foods. I had no idea how much sugar I was eating, and now I no longer crave it.

I enjoy the inspirational messages too. I like to read them in the morning when I have my coffee and the house is quiet. It puts me in the right frame of mind for the day. Pam is so positive.

This is just the beginning.. Thank you Pam!

– Bridgette P.

In just 3 short weeks…


I have experienced (and continued to receive) great benefits from the RYM (Reset Your Metabolism) program. It is not a diet formula. It is not an exercise class. It is not a meditation retreat. It is a better way of living and being!
It blends 3 key areas: mental, physical and spiritual, into one high impact program. It is truly transformational!

I am a busy mother, wife, and entrepreneur who travels extensively throughout the world. I appreciate a well-designed program that produces real results, saves me time, is sustainable, and makes me feel great. The RYM program has exceeded my expectations in all these areas.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a healthier and happier life (and who doesn’t want that?)

– Maya H.

I can’t believe that I have achieved so much so quickly…

I started working out with Pam about two months ago, and my body has completely changed. I lost 4lbs,1.5 inches on my waist line and I feel stronger. Working out with Pam is so much fun because she is always looking for different ways to challenge you and keeping the exercises different and interesting. Pam loves to be a trainer; she will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone in a very caring way.

Pam highly values an open communication with her clients; she is always asking for feedback, and she will adjust your training session accordingly. These specific characteristics distinguishes Pam from other coaches that I have met in the past. Every week I look forward to working out with her.

– Vicky Luna
Real Estate Agent & Mom of Two

I would highly recommend Pam as a personal trainer.

I love working with Pam.  She is always positive and encouraging.  She explains & demonstrates the exercises so they are easy to understand.  Pam is very knowledgeable & I appreciate her ability to change up my routines according to the varying neck & back pains I may have on any given day.  She seamlessly revises my workout to accommodate my needs & concerns.  I would highly recommend Pam as a personal trainer.

– Cindy T.
Television Editor & Producer

Pam Bundy is a high-energy dynamo…


who generates enthusiasm and optimism with everyone she works with! Since meeting Pam I have lost 12 pounds and learned so much about nutrition. Pam has affected my life and many others with her positive energy in such a short time. Having worked with Pam on this journey I have learned first-hand winning techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

– Marlys B.

This experience has helped me jump-start the process of taking care of “me”.


I am a mom, wife, and a high school teacher that feels like mom to all of them. My blood pressure wasn’t good, my thyroid had me experiencing menopausal symptoms, and my doctor had told me this was my new normal. This program was the first time in a long while that I had my husband’s support because he knew it meant a lot to me.  The workout sessions were intimate and all the ladies became my support team.

Pam’s energy and experience helped guide me to be mindful of my food choices, calorie intake, emotional eating, and encouraged walking every day, not hard core cardio.  I can’t do a day without protein in the morning, hot lemon water, and fresh cut veggies for snack now. I feel so much better.  My blood pressure is back to normal range. My stress has subsided a bit because I am being more mindful of taking care of my physical and mental health.

Pam introduced me to journal writing, health and fitness, meditation, and meal planning with the help of the other ladies on the online forum. I have made the farmer’s market a regular Saturday habit. A checker at Costco said, “Wow, you are eating healthy.” My boss said he noticed I had lost weight. I had to buy a new belt. People are starting to notice.  This is a process and I have a long way to go but I am learning to take care of me so I can take care of my daughter, my family, and my students.

Thanks so much.

– Erin D.

She’s an essential part of my prostate cancer recovery.

I began working with Pam shortly after I received a prostate cancer diagnosis from my oncologist.  Part of my treatment for this condition included a hormone blockade that employed a Leuprolide injection.  Well-known side effects of this drug include bone declassification and loss of muscle mass.  To minimize these effects my oncologist recommended that I work with a personal trainer on a resistance exercise routine.  The challenge for a trainer was that I would be trying to regain and improve muscle mass without the benefit of testosterone for a 6 month period.

I have now been working with Pam for about 7 months on a 3 day per week schedule.  Pam has kept notes on what exercises have been performed, how much weight was lifted and how many repetitions were performed.  She is also careful to monitor my reaction to each exercise performed and any residual aches or pain that I might have when I return for the next session.

Weight lifting and related functional exercises have risks, but Pam has been careful to show me the correct movements that will enable me to complete an exercise without injury.  I believe she has showed me at least one new exercise to perform in each session.  I understand that this is an important argument for working with a knowledgeable personal trainer:  repeating a small set of exercises does not deliver the same level of fitness as a routine with constant variation and new movements.

The work with Pam has definitely increased my strength and endurance in spite of the side effects of Leuprolide.  I consider Pam to be an excellent professional trainer who has been an important person in my recovery from prostate cancer.  I know that my recovery would have been much slower without her help.

– Jeff E.
Retired Engineer

I met Pam when our boys were in 2nd grade…


I was trying to get off my “baby weight” and Pam became an instant friend. She took me under her wing and was able to give me amazing tips and suggestions on how to work out and eat nutritiously while I was still a young, nursing mom and busy with a baby, a toddler and a 7-year old! Did I leave out that they are all boys? I was able to lose ALL of my “baby” weight plus more!!!!

Pam and I have remained friends and she has continued to grow as a coach and fitness instructor… I like to say she is my “fitness guru!” As she is to me! I am not going to mention “our” ages now because well…that is just not what matters right?

When she started this amazing RYM Program I knew it was something I wanted and needed to do. She has helped me to look at my daily decisions and choices without guilt or beating myself up and to plan a reasonable daily workout/nutrition plan that is personalized with the foods that I love without feeling deprived or guilty of some of the guilty pleasures that I do enjoy. I have lost about 8 lbs in a total of 2 months. I am not hungry or grumpy or tired and I still enjoy a glass or two of wine.

Pam has helped me achieve my goals and has been a friend along the way. This is a journey that I know is not over and to know that I have a friend with wisdom and encouragement I know I will never fail. Thank you Pam!

– Heidi M.

Pamela Bundy is the mentor you want to have…


if you want to lose weight. She is a very energetic woman, always optimistic and she really keeps you on track in a positive way.
When I joined RYM program I only need to lose about 8 pounds, and in three weeks of the program I’ve lost 4 without starving myself.

You all know that when you are not really overweight it’s really difficult to lose those pounds, and I’ve tried for a long time to do it without success. With Pam I’ve learned how to eat healthy and how to balance my nutrition. With Pam is not all about dieting, it is also about exercise, support, and feeling good about yourself in the process.   Thank you Pam.

– Lella D.

I have lost 6 pounds in the last 5 weeks…

I started working out with Pam almost a year ago and I have honestly never felt better about myself! My original goal was to get motivated to lead a more healthy lifestyle as I knew that an engagement was in my not so distant future. Now, I am engaged and am working toward looking and feeling my best on my wedding day just a few short months away. Over the past couple of months Pam has encouraged and challenged me to focus on my goals and to give it my all. I have lost 6 pounds in the last 5 weeks and Pam’s coaching has had a huge influence. She is great to work with, always keeping in mind any limitations and/or personal challenges you may have. I have a few back and neck issues and she is great about choosing exercises and drills for me that are centered around my abilities. Pam is great at coming up with a variety of workouts for you so it never becomes boring or monotonous. She never gives you more than you can handle but also never lets you sell yourself short. She is patient, encouraging and is great at helping you to “keep your eye on the prize”. I am so glad to work with her and I know that I will not only look but feel my very best on my wedding day and long afterward with her as a coach. Thank you Pam!!!

– Lauren S

I have seen wonderful results with Pam…

Pam’s workouts are always challenging yet fun! She has a gentle way of pushing you to work hard and work out to your optimal potential. She continues to find new exercises to keep the workouts exciting and is constantly keeping up on the latest exercise techniques and diet information. She is an excellent trainer and her outgoing and friendly personality makes it easy to get up early in the morning to attend her classes. I have seen wonderful results with Pam. Her workouts have increased my strength and I feel more energized than ever. If you are looking for a caring and knowledgeable trainer offering a challenging workout that shows results, I highly recommend Pam!

– Karen Pado, Realtor
Meridian Realty