Congratulations for taking the first active step toward lasting change & thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your coach! Lowering your stress and having fun are key components to help you lose weight and be happy in your own skin again. You can feel confident knowing this is something you can succeed at as we work together to devise a plan of action that will fit into your lifestyle instead of trying to fit your life into a canned program,

You are as different on the inside metabolically as you are on the outside physically. The weight-loss game is a one-size-fits-all approach and it’s a game you can’t wine because it’s not designed specifically for you. You need to become a fat-loss detective instead of a weight-loss dieter.

We spend the time to figure out your individual metabolism, psychological tendencies, and personal preferences. By doing this it’s not a matter of if you will change your body but when.

You will receive information on why your metabolism is changing and what is happening to your body so you can better understand how to counter the effects. Together we consider your lifestyle, habits, likes, and dislikes and devise a plan to figure out exactly what you need to do to get results. Nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, beliefs, self-talk, and how to be kind to yourself and understanding of behaviors are the main components of the program


The 21 Day R.Y.M Program:

* A 30-minute initial session to go over goals and devise a plan designed specifically for you.

* A 21-day start-up guide with all the steps you will be taking to reach your goals.

* Daily accountability posts to wake up to with information, inspiration, and a fun challenge of the day to help keep your head in the game. There will be information on how to handle situations such as eating out, traveling, social situations, and more.

* One Facebook Live session per week

* The ability to contact a certified nutritionist and personal trainer to answer any questions you may have.

* Access to a small, private Facebook community with a coach and others pursuing similar goals so you have a team you can run with.

* The ability to track your foods and exercise online to help you learn exactly what you need to be successful.

* Menus, recipes, shopping guides, tips, and food hacks to simplify your life.

* One 30-minute small group workouts per week where we can focus on form and teach you how to do the most effective fat-burning exercises with the ability to add additional classes.

Bonus Number 1 – A 3-day Quick Start Program Guide

Bonus Number 2 – Access to online exercise videos

Bonus Number 3 – A challenge tracker so you can see just how awesome and strong you are becoming

An option to purchase one-on-one time for high level accountability and guidance.