We know months in advance that Christmas is coming. Every year we tell ourselves we will get everything done early only to end up rushing around finishing up last minute shopping.

The same is true for New Year’s Resolutions. We want to better ourselves – to reach and grow as humans and be the best we can be. To get more organized, in better shape, eating healthier, reading better books, taking a class. The list can be daunting, because there is also everyday life to think about. But inevitably one or two days before we say, “Next year I’m going to . . . . ” without giving it the thought it deserves.

With everyone talking about making RESOLUTIONS & setting GOALS for the new yea, it can feel like a lot of pressure.

Instead of letting panic set in, I was recently reminded that the best advice for thinking about the year ahead is really quite simple: What is really important to YOU? Not what you THINK should be important, but what do you REALLY want accomplish in 2017.

This is where WWIMI comes in. WWIMI stands for What Would It Mean If . . .

Take some time to ask yourself, What Would It Mean If I could finally lose the weight I feel is making me unhappy? Would losing that weight REALLY make me happy or is there something else in my life that I need to change? Why is this important?

What Would It Mean If I got my finances under control? What would it take to do this? Why is this important?

What Would IT Mean If I could get in good enough physical shape to take those hard hikes with my friends and family? Why is this important to me. Can I do it alone or do I need help? How much time could I dedicate to it?

It’s easy to say “I”m going to lose 10 pounds and get all my closets and finances organize this year,” but without taking the time to find out what is IMPORTANT enough for you to give up something to get there, those statements are just wishes, wants, and hopes.

Take time this week to reflect on your life. Ask yourself “Why” after each answer until you get to the real truth, and you will have goals that are important enough for you to make real changes and stick with them.

If you are having trouble with this, feel free to shoot me a note and let’s figure this out together.