The holiday party season is officially in full swing. I personally have 3 myself this week. The party at the end of the week has more than one table full of many different types of food that I know will all look amazingly tempting and will also have a full bar.

Now you may decide that you are going to give yourself permission to eat all this deliciousness because, hey, it only comes once a year. If there were only one or two parties during the season that wouldn’t be so bad, but when you are invited to 2-3 per week, including work and family get-togethers, it can give you regrets come January 1.

So here’s the one thing I know that will help to make good choices:

Stay away from the alcohol.

It’s not so much the calories from the wine or sugar from the mixed drinks, though that doesn’t help, but a couple of drinks can affect your decision making – making you throw all caution to the wind and causing you to overindulge.

If you do decide to drink, try to keep it to one cocktail or glass of wine. You can also just put a tiny bit of vodka in a full glass of soda water or do a wine spritzer.

Another tip –

Choose to talk to people further away from the food and alcohol so you don’t end up staring at all the temptations. Focus on the PEOPLE and NOT the food.

Envisioning yourself at the party having a good time and implementing strategies with success will go a long way to feeling AWESOME about your accomplishments.