A wonderful person in the beta group of my metabolism program posted this yesterday and it truly epitomizes what my metabolism program is all about – believing in yourself – Thanks Janna.

When an elephant is a baby it can be restrained with a small stake and a piece of rope as the elephant is too weak to break the rope or pull the stake out. It tugs.

It struggles.

It fights.

And eventually accepts that there is no point in fighting anymore. Then the elephant grows into a massive and powerful beast. A beast that could easily escape the small stake and rope it’s restrained by.

But it doesn’t. It no longer tugs. It no longer struggles. It no longer fights.

You know why?

Because it’s accepted that the stake and rope have control over it.

It has accepted its limits.

Here is the truth:

You don’t have limits. You have justifications. You don’t live in a predetermined reality. You have rationalizations.

Those excuses create your cage. You live in that cage.

A cage created by imaginary thoughts your brain conceived based on your environment and own unwillingness to test the waters, fight and DO THE WORK REQUIRED for what you want… And there is nothing worse than letting imaginary thoughts keep you from building the life you truly want for yourself.

The fact is, whether you are willing to admit it or not, the only person who limits you stares back at you in the mirror every day.

What limits have you accepted?

You can go beyond the limits you have imposed on yourself when it is TRULY important and you CHOOSE to make a change. When will YOU decide to make the changes you so desire?

Start today.